Spiced Gin Krupnik

Spiced Gin Krupnik (idea from Luan An Fael​) 

-4.5L of kaiapoi distillery gin (grain base, juniper being the main botanical) @37.5% alcohol, mixed up and infused with :

-1.5 star anise
-A lot of cinnamon (cassia) bark
-8x allspice
-1T Black cardamom seed
-Cloves x4
-Caramel coloring (which I wouldn’t consider needed)

This was strained, to which was added a syrup of 4C dark honey from Gracebrook Cherry Orchard, boiled for 10 minutes with 700ml of water. Added 700ml of barkers real black currant concentrate, and a good amount of ground cinnamon.

This was a wee bit sweet so it I added a liter or two (I didn’t write it down 😭) of the gin that I’d infused in cherries for other projects. The result is a sweet spicy drink in the 30% area.