Not all projects work out

So here’s a failure.

Rhubarb lemonade small, that exploded at 5am. It was gonna be boiled to pasturize. Oh well.

The method (was loosely on a short mead) :

750g white sugar
Big pot of strained rhubarb water (2L ish)
Around 500ml fresh lemon juice
Total volume 4.6L and bread yeast

In a jug and bubbler for 3 days then bottled for 3 then to be boiled this morning. It didn’t work out that way 😂

Glass and syrup everywhere. Everywhere. One bottle exploded first which woke me up and then about ten minutes later the next seven went at once, this time I had a towel on the pot. I popped the last one outside, with a towel and by dropping a hammer. It was pretty expensive, and felt fairly dangerous. An exciting morning 😂🤠