Recipe; CF2020 Dark Spiced Beer

  • 2x Tin Coopers Stout ($25)
  • 450g Dark Manuka Honey (spare from mead)
  • Hop Pellets; fuggles 24g, 5.3% alpha acid
  • 2t black cardamom
  • 1T allspice
  • 2t whole black peppercorn
  • 1T ground ginger
  • 1T nutmeg ground
  • 1T whole juniper berries
  • One handful cassia bark
  • 1t whole clove
  • 1t ground star anise
  • a foot of fresh rosemary

Boiled for 60 minutes of rapid boiling in approx 5L of water, then strained into a clean sanitized fermenter with ~5L of water and 5L ice, then topped up to 25L. It will be primed with 180g of white sugar and bottled in the next fortnight or so.

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