Brewing Log 19/4/18

Here’s a brief and awkward list of things I’ve made with varying levels of detail, up to 19.4.18

Beers from tins:
ipa : coopers 1.7kg tin plus 1.5kg maltex to 24L secondary ferment w sucrose
coopers real ale: kit w 400g dextrose and 600g sucrose to 24L . secondary of honey with crushed ginger
Mocha Stout: coopers stout kit 1.8kg coopers dark ale 1.7kg, 700ml infused water w honey 1/2 cup, coffee (ground), cocoa nibs, cinnamon and black cardamom and a tiny bit of clove and pepper via coffee plunger then topped to 23L. secondary of 180g sucrose syrup boiled 10min in 1/4c cco nib and cinamon. bottled 14/4/18
saison (mangrove jack)
Coopers Draught
Coopers Cerveza
angry lion: dark honey ale (lion brewery dark ale tin, with 1kg dark honey as sugar)
light honey lager (cervesa kit with 1kg light honey in place of dextrose)
Chocolate Brown Ale (mangrove jack)
ginger beer (a dark beer) (Mountains)

Mangrove Jack Kit Range with sugar/dextrose/honey as experiments. I really like the plain apple, perry, and the blueberry.
Black Rock Cider

spiced wine
red grape wine kit
rose: kit with: 2.2 kg rose syrup, 2.5kg sucrose. 2.5 L white grape juice squeezed, wine-yeast. spices: cinnamon, clove, mace, juniper, allspice, anise, bay, leaves rosemary, black pepper, corriander seed
black currant wine
black currant wine 2
BlackCurrant Honey Wine
apricot wine
honey pommegranate and strawberry wine (still fermenting)


Washes for spirits:
turbo yeast and sucrose’
light wash of malt extract
dark malt wash
honey mead for distilling (still fermenting)
20L of mostly apples simmered and strained with a box of grapes in the same fashion (3 part apple 1 part grape. for distilling to brandy


Triple Sec
a herbal
honey and cinnamon
mead’ with juniper berries
aquavit withoak
limoncello 2
sage flower vodka
honey and spice 2
coco nib snapps
foraged at CF cinamon and cardamom
oak blueberry and anise infusion
blackcurrant brandy
an anise herbal