First forays into distillation

Having obtained a still (1) and being enthusiastic, I have started making some distilled beverages, and have produced my first few drinks. They are;



Triple Sec: Distilled spirit from old beer and spiced wine (on site at SG Firey Nights event), with ten oranges (seville) skins, dried, for nine days. Diluted at bottling to approx 40% Alc

Limoncello: Distilled from Sugar Mash and turbo yeast. Infused a mix of lemon varities (eight total) and three large limes rind. 1/2C sugar and diluted to ~40% alc. 26/8/17

“tequila”: Distilled from Sugar Mash and turbo yeast. 10ml per liter of spirits unlimited tequila flavoring, diluted to ~40% alc

moonshine 1:  Distilled from Sugar Mash and turbo yeast diluted to ~40% alc

herbal 1: sugar mash and turbo yeast. infused: two cardamom pods, cinnamon stick 1 tablespoon loose crush; two cloves, three sage leaves, one mint leaf , 1/2 table spoon lavender, two slices lemon peel. Inspired from Asbjorn’s schnapps article (2) to make something with lavender.

“aftershock”: which is allspice in spirit: sugar mash infused w tablespoon all spice and a little cinnamon 2T sugar

honey and cinnamon: sugar mash distilate w 1/4C honey and 2x allspice and a cardamon and one clove and a stick of cinamon for a week or so

“mead’ with juniper berries (3): 750ml of 40% distilate from sugar with a lot of honey and juniper and a little clove cinamon and anise

applesnapps: sugar mash distilled with a packet of mangrove jacks cider flavoring and some green food coloring

aquavit (4)with oak: leftover drinks distilled + oak whiskey chips: 10/9/17 to be entered as a whiskey at a tasting of whiskey snobs

These are for tasting at the next Christchurch event. Next up is playing with the recently acquired grown up still (5).




(4) my main resources have been Asbjorn and Luan’s recources here:


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