CF 2017 Dinner

This is the meal I cooked on Saturday night at CF 2017. It is not any particular time/place/documentation but more an idea on a fairly easy dinner for a lot of people.


Roast Pork

  • bone in pork shoulder, whole
  • salt, pepper, oil (I just used left over oil in the pantry, and pork doesn’t really need it.

The troublesome ovens meant we had to pull and dice these a bit so they’d cook right. Turned out OK but was a bit hectic.
roast carrots and onion

  • carrots whole
  • oil (canola)
  • red onions peeled whole
  • carraway seed 1 supermarket size pack enough for meal

Diced, roasted on trays with seasoning, oil and carraway. Kept seperate for allergy reasons. transfer to serving bowls.

  • couscous
  • coriander fresh
  • parsley bunches
  • massel/low allergen vege stock powder
  • lemons

Just couscous, simple. 1:1 ratio of water to grain and lemon, herbs and if not for dairy free people, butter. Make it in huge bain-maire tins and lids on for an hour or so then fluff and serve. Easiest bulk-starch there is, and my favourite for hot CF times and lazy cookin’.
sauce for pork

  • apples green
  • bread crumb
  • vinegar from panty
  • spices from pantry

grated apple & bread sauce with a small seperate GF batch


  • cream 1 part
  • nutmeg powdered one packet total
  • milk blue 2-4 parts
  • egg (yolk)
  • LIQUID honey

giant pot of happiness. Also it’s nice with a lump of chocolate at the bottom; and also we had fruit

Bean pottage for vegos

  • dry white beans canelinni
  • celery
  • onion white diced
  • carrots whole
  • massel/low allergen vege stock
  • rice flour, 2 tablespoon ish to thicken

soak beans night before, boil til soft then fry w veges and a little stock and thicken as needed
peas fried with (and without) bacon

  • frozen peas not minted
  • bacon streaky
  • herbs etc from pantry left overs

cut bacon. stir fry w veges. Season. Eat.

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