Originally Posted 20 may 2015 by Bernard Stirling

At May  Crown AS 50 I was honored to be asked to speak on behalf of the Order of the Pelican at the elevation ceremony of the 3 principals of the Order of Defence in Lochac.

An extremely important piece of history.

Our society began almost 50 years ago with a tournament for Mayday. For these long years it has been supported by three pillars -prowess, service and art, represented by 3 peerages – The Laurel, the Pelican and the Chivalry. It seems fitting therefore that we are here today at such a significant tournament, in May, to elevate the three principals in Lochac of a fourth peerage, The Order of Defence.

Rapier has played a significant role in our kingdom for many years now. It’s practitioners contribute to the richness and life of the kingdom. In every field of endeavor there are some that stand out.

Master William de Cameron, Baron Damian Greybeard and Don Caleb Adolphus have all demonstrated prowess and renown  worthy of a peer of the society. But further than that – they have demonstrated the other characteristics of a peer. The order of the Pelican concerns itself with service, but there is an element of service, leadership, and teaching common to all peerages. And these three candidates demonstrate those qualities. I am pleased to say that these three men are truly my peers.

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